Nasy Stuff From The Jong Prt 2

Nasty Stuff from the Jong Pt. 2

               The event was something that is better known through witnessing then being told. But for those who need a more persuasive push this is what happened.  The event was justly focused on how the Jong works and how to work around an opponent that may vary in different aspects. FYI; The Jong is a wooden dummy that allows you to physically “harm” it than on your Kung Fu brethren.  Among those that were there that of 2-3 years to more senior & veterans of the Art. Si Gung had made his presence known through helping several eager and brave students with their various questions and displaying some techniques upon the Jong. Most, even myself, winced as the teacher had hit the Jong several times with some rather nasty, but effective techniques that where off the wall powerful.  The specific sections covered where from the middle portions of what you would find within the form. Open hand, closed hand strikes along with advanced self-defense techniques where covered in detail.

  A couple Sifu’s along with their prospective branches where in attendance. One from Roanoke, VA and another from the River City, all which itself had made the trip to join in the workout.   But overall the workout was great and fun. The lessons are something that one should always take away from and with the comfort with others that also find this art expectedly enjoyable.  This classic part two to a well sought out workshop series will go down as one of the best the school has seen.

Could there be a sequel?? We shall see.

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